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Pet Laser Surgery

Learn more about our pet laser surgery services below!

Pet Laser Surgery

All surgical procedures have the option of being performed with the high tech laser that uses CO2 gas to produce a beam of light which cuts cleaner and more precisely than a scalpel.

Pet Laser Surgery

The laser has the unique ability to vaporize tissue and is commonly used to make incisions and erase unhealthy tissue. It is so precise, that we are able to selectively remove only a few cells at a time. The laser kills bacteria in its path and seals nerve endings, leaving patients more comfortable after surgery by causing less trauma to tissue, resulting in a faster recovery time.

We are one of the only animal hospitals in the area using this technology on a regular basis. Laser surgery is so beneficial we are committed to keeping the price reasonable for our surgical patients.

Whatever the surgical need – routine, critical, or cosmetic – the staff at Bernardsville Animal Hospital treats you and your pet with compassion and respect.

The laser provides safer surgery, less pain, less bleeding, and faster healing time. Traditional scalpel surgery is available for all surgeries as well.