Mastering the Art of Dog Walking: How to Stay Safe While Exploring with Your Best Friend

Make March 30 a day to remember and share with your furry companion by commemorating Take a Walk in the Park Day! But be cautious on this special occasion; keep an eye out for potential hazards that may impede an otherwise flawless outing. Here are some things to watch for when taking your pet on a stroll.

#1: Other dogs

When you encounter another pup, it could be detrimental – especially if either dog is reactive or has managed to escape their collar. Even friendly off-leash dogs can pose a threat as your pet may view them as an adversary when they try to make contact. It’s essential that you observe both the animals’ behavior and body language at all times and keep your pet relaxed if possible. If there is any chance of encountering a pack while in the park, consider avoiding those peak hours altogether so that unnecessary conflict doesn’t arise.

#2: Parasites

Although parks are teeming with activity and joy, they may also be a haven for fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and other gut parasites. Keeping your pet safe from such hidden pests year-round should definitely be a priority. Make sure to give them preventatives regularly as well as check thoroughly every time you come back home – From nose to tail!

#3: Wildlife

As your pup explores the park with their sniffer, they may come across wildlife burrows and nests that are best left untouched. While most critters will flee when people or pets approach them, some may become hostile if they feel threatened by you and your dog’s presence. Not to mention, wild animals can be rife with diseases and parasites which is why it is imperative to keep a safe distance from them.

#4: Traffic

When heading to the local park, be vigilant for any kind of traffic that may approach – cars, bikes, and pedestrians alike. Also, make sure your pet is in close proximity to you so as prevent potential incidents from occurring. A dog on an unlocked retractable or long leash can become a hazard if it darts into approaching vehicles, clotheslines bicyclists traveling nearby, and wraps around passersby unexpectedly – not to mention the risk of breaking free due to lunging at a squirrel!

Does your furry friend love to explore the great outdoors with you? Keep them shielded from hazardous parasites and illnesses by providing routine preventive care. Give us a call today to plan your companion’s wellness appointment – their well-being is our priority!